About TreeSong

TreeSongTreeSong was based on an idea designed with three aims: improving public knowledge and understanding of nature within the urban environment, highlighting conservation issues within Bristol, and connecting people to nature and encouraging their appreciation of the natural urban wealth through interaction.

Beech tree

A 150-year-old beech tree on Bristol's Durdham Downs was chosen to be the focus of the project. The composer William Goodchild translated the tree’s song into a 15 minute orchestral work which was premiered at St George's Bristol on 29 November 2015. Bristol Ensemble gratefully acknowledges support from PRS for Music Foundation for this project.

Vibrant colours

Installation artist Jony Easterby created a structure to capture sounds from the tree. At its heart, a wooden collar around the trunk of the tree acted as a pick-up to translate vibrations through 32 piezos and over 200 strings, amplifying the sound of the wind blowing through the tree on Bristol's Durdham Downs

Bristol Ensemble

Bristol Ensemble is the city's only professional chamber orchestra, and was founded in 1994 by its Artistic Director, Roger Huckle. The Ensemble gives live performances in Bristol and around the South West as well as making recordings for TV and film soundtracks and commercial use